1. Introduction Finotive Markets LLC (hereafter referred to as "the Company") is committed to providing excellent services to its clients. We recognize that complaints may arise from time to time, and we are dedicated to addressing these complaints effectively and efficiently. This Complaints Handling Policy outlines our approach to managing and resolving client complaints in line with the regulatory requirements of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).
  2. Purpose 2.1. The purpose of this policy is to: 2.2. Define the procedure for receiving, recording, investigating, and resolving client complaints. 2.3. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 2.4. Maintain and enhance the Company's reputation by providing excellent client service. 2.5. Enable the Company to identify areas for improvement in its services and operations.
  3. Scope This policy applies to all employees and stakeholders of Finotive Markets LLC. It covers complaints related to the Company's services, products, personnel, or any other aspect of its operations.
  4. Definitions 4.1. Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, regarding the services, actions, or conduct of the Company. 4.2. Complainant: The client or a person acting on behalf of the client who lodges a complaint. 4.3. Compliance Officer: The designated individual responsible for overseeing and ensuring compliance with this policy.
  5. Principles 5.1. The Company adheres to the following principles when handling complaints: 5.2. Fairness: All complaints will be treated impartially and with respect. 5.3. Transparency: The Company will communicate clearly and promptly throughout the complaint resolution process. 5.4. Timeliness: Complaints will be handled promptly and efficiently, aiming to resolve them as quickly as possible. 5.5. Confidentiality: Information related to the complaint will be kept confidential, except where disclosure is required by law. 5.6. Accountability: The Company is accountable for its actions and is committed to resolving complaints fairly and adequately.
  6. Receiving Complaints 6.1. Clients may submit their complaints through the following channels: 6.2. By email: support@finotivemarkets.com 6.3. Upon receiving a complaint, the Compliance Officer will acknowledge its receipt within [insert timeline, e.g., 24 hours] and provide a unique reference number for tracking purposes.
  7. Recording Complaints 7.1. All complaints will be recorded in a centralized complaints register. The register will include the following information: 7.2. Date of receipt 7.3. Complainant's name and contact details 7.4. Nature of the complaint 7.5. Unique reference number 7.6. Details of the person assigned to investigate the complaint
  8. Investigating Complaints Complaints will be investigated promptly by a designated individual who was not involved in the subject of the complaint. The investigation process may involve collecting additional information, interviewing relevant personnel, and reviewing relevant documentation.
  9. Resolution of Complaints Upon completion of the investigation, the Company will determine an appropriate resolution for the complaint. Possible resolutions may include: 9.1. Rectifying any errors or issues 9.2. Offering compensation or redress where warranted 9.3. Providing a written response to the complainant 9.4. The Company will aim to resolve complaints within 15 business days. In complex cases, the complainant will be informed of the need for additional time.
  10. Communication with the Complainant The Company will maintain regular communication with the complainant throughout the complaint resolution process, providing updates and progress reports as necessary. Upon resolution, the Company will inform the complainant of the outcome and any actions taken.
  11. Reporting and Record-keeping All complaints and their resolutions will be documented and maintained in the complaints register for a minimum of 5 years. The Compliance Officer will produce periodic reports for senior management, summarizing complaint data and trends.
  12. Regulatory Reporting The Company will report any serious or unresolved complaints to the relevant regulatory authority as required by SVG regulations.
  13. Review and Improvement The Company will periodically review this policy and its complaint-handling procedures to identify areas for improvement. Any necessary changes will be implemented promptly.
  14. Training and Awareness All employees will be trained in the Company's complaint-handling procedures, and their awareness will be periodically assessed to ensure compliance with this policy.
  15. Policy Review This policy will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated at least once a year to ensure it remains compliant with regulatory requirements and reflects best practices.
  16. Contact Information 16.1. For any queries or to submit a complaint, please contact: 16.2. Email: support@finotivemarkets.com
  17. Annexes Any supplementary documents or forms related to this policy will be attached in the annexes. This Complaints Handling Policy serves as a commitment by Finotive Markets LLC to provide excellent client service and to address complaints fairly and effectively. All employees and stakeholders are expected to adhere to this policy and the associated procedures.